This Comment Policy pertains to the terms of use that will govern the manner in which we shall moderate comments made by all users on the WrestleFeed App (“App”).


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At WrestleFeed, we support and welcome a thoughtful and civilized discussion. Team WrestleFeed reserves the full right to delete comments that we see unfit for the platform, without explanation should it appear to be violate our community & comment guidelines as mentioned hereinunder. We also reserve the right to place a temporary or permanent block on users who are in repetitive violation of the said guidelines and/or consistently display a lack of respect towards Admins or moderators or other users on the App.


Here are some basic guidelines on how your comment should look like:

1.1 Use your real name and email address in the comment form

1.2 Share your personal opinions about the story or post in a respectful manner

1.3 Offer useful, constructive (not ridiculous or ugly) criticism on the topic

1.4 Drop funny references or jokes that carry the conversation forward

Any combination of the above.


Here are some examples (list not comprehensive, but you’ll get an idea) of the types of comments that’ll not be allowed on the App and shall invite a sanction:

2.1 Using an obscene or profane display name or photo for your comments

2.2 Using any form of defamatory remarks or bullying tactics towards other users

2.3 Racist comments or obscene nastiness on posts

2.4 Use of sexually explicit language or narratives

2.5 Off-topic personal or professional rants containing profanity

2.6 Posting violent threats directed towards us or other users

2.7 Violating anyone’s privacy by posting their personal information that you possess

2.8 Comments that demonstrate you didn’t read or watch the content posted

2.9 Comments that simply re-state or repeat the information from the article and don’t carry the conversation forward

2.10 Using keywords and/or your business name in the name field or text field of the comment form

2.11 Posting any promotions about and/or links back to your product or service


Here are some additional comment guidelines you must be aware of:

3.1 All rights reserved: For any comment, we reserve the right to delete, move, or mark it as spam. We also reserve the right to block any IP address that violates this comment policy from commenting, viewing, or accessing the App.

3.2 Posting Links: If you must include a link in your comment, please be aware that your comment may not be approved for posting immediately, so please be patient. Relevant links that contribute to the conversation need to be reviewed before being approved. Obvious attempts to promote your business, gain backlinks, traffic, or any other types of self-promotion tactics are not allowed.

3.3 Liability for comments: By posting a comment, you agree that your contribution is solely your own and that you take complete responsibility for your words or gestures. You agree to hold the App along with its administrators, moderators, authors, and all other users harmless and exonerated from any kind of legal action or complaint with local law enforcement agencies or third party service providers such as Google or Apple, at all times.

3.4 Spamming: Don’t do it. Any comment deemed as spam will be deleted and marked as spam. If you repeatedly post spam, your IP address may be blacklisted and you shall be banned from commenting permanently.

3.5 Privacy: You must provide an authentic and verified email address to post a comment on the App. We will never share your personal information with the public, but will only use it to contact you directly and verify your authenticity if you wish to report any issues within the App. Accordingly, do not share your private information within your comments. We will not be responsible if you share your phone numbers, email addresses, or any other private or personal information on the platform. This is not the place to exchange your personal contact information with other users.

3.6 Cursing or swearing in a comment: While we certainly do not promote or encourage the use of profanity in any shape, way or form especially on a public platform; we also respect your right of free speech. However, this right should not and cannot be used as a weapon to demean or defame or hurl abuses at fellow users just because there is a difference of opinion or choice. The nature and passion of Wrestling as a sport is such, that it has an ability to arouse feelings of rage, anger and excitement all at the same time. Yet, those feelings need to be expressed in a healthy, respectful and sane manner even when directed towards other users who might not be on the same team as you are. In other words, commenting “That’s f**ing nuts, this is B.S.” on any match outcome is not disallowed, but personally targeting any user and hurling abuses whether racial or otherwise, is condemnable and will not be tolerated or allowed on the App at all times. This needs no further explanation, if y’all think you’re a mature, grown-up “adult”, you better act like one.


If you find any user’s comment(s) being violative of this comment policy or being offensive and personally targeted towards you, please use the flag icon to report it to the moderators for review. Please be advised that our moderators may be located in a different time zone than your region, so there can be a delay of up to 8 hours before an action is taken on the reported comment. As we receive thousands of comments each day spread across different posts, please do not expect us to police the App 24X7 since it is just not possible with the limited human resources we work with. In order to keep the platform as clean as possible, we have an expedited review of comments which are flagged 5 times or more, as those are temporarily taken down from the platform before a final review is done. Please note – “flagging” is not the same as “downvoting” a user’s comment. In order to report any violating comment, please use flagging only. However, in rarest of rare circumstances should you find any offensive or violative comment being left unmoderated or unreviewed even after 12 hours of reporting, please let us know by using the “Contact Us” option from the App menu and also include a screenshot of the comment along with the post name for a quick redressal.


Your perusal of this comment policy states that you have understood the above mentioned commenting guidelines in entirety and you fully understand the repercussions of violating the same. You further undertake to duly abide by this comment policy at all times, take complete responsibility of comments made by yourself, and keep us saved and exonerated from any kind of claims or liabilities of any sort that may arise against you in person anytime in the future, irrespective of whether you are still an active user of our app or not.

This comment policy may be altered or modified at any time in the future at our instance, and the same shall be communicated to all users via push notification. If you have disabled push notifications, it shall still be your own responsibility and obligation to adhere to, and keep yourself updated with the latest changes in the commenting guidelines.

Last updated: January 2, 2024
Drafted by: Team WrestleFeed